Monday, February 1, 2010

Week 4

I seem to be a week behind by my calculations. At least posting the stuff. I have enough projects to get me through a few weeks, but it's the downloading that's killing me. (We have over 500+ pictures on our camera. They need to be backed up before deleted. I really need to get Mark on that.)

So, on Sunday, I whipped up a few placemats. It seems as though most things in the house are brown or red. Or a little green. It's time to punch it up a bit. I ordered some fabric through Etsy. It's so much easier than ordering from a big box store! Fast and quick and it seems easier to me, too. The plan was to make reversible place mats with rick rack based on this tutorial for napkins. Imagine this: I couldn't find matching rick rack. (gasp) I found green and royal blue, but they didn't do the trick, so I just went ahead with regular ol' mats. I really love how they turned out and think that they will inspire some color in the house. (I am already thinking of painting a piece of furniture my Dad made us turquoise!) My pal Cristina took this picture. I will update the reverse once that camera is sorted out. With out any further ado....

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