Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Week 3

I have been eyeing some baby crafts. I would love to start them in hopes I would use them, but that will take persuading Mark that any future children will be healthy, sleep through the night from day 1, and very well behaved. But, a coworker is expecting.

Alrighty then, a project for her....
This is a changing kit that I found here. The inside is fleece and the outside is a heavier weight fabric. I wish it was a bit more compact, she could always tuck a onesie or change of clothes in there. I used a ribbon to tie around to keep shut instead of velcro.

Project 4 in the works...

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Anonymous said...


I still check your blog to see what you and the men are up to. Love the 52 projects idea and the car carrier is a great one. I'm going to try it for my nephew. I love the key rings and diaper changer too.

Kris K