Thursday, November 18, 2010

Week 26...I've lost Count!

I am so behind on posting projects. It seems like I am always working on something, but can't seem to get the camera out and snap a few shots. I have a list of things that I need to take photos of. Anyway, here is a tutorial for a bag organizer. The handbag that I have now is really deep and I am always searching for something. I tried one of these a while ago, but didn't seem to get it right. I tried again after getting frustrated trying to find my wallet!

Fairly simple project:

So, I started by folding my fabric so it had a 2 folds; one taller at the back, and a shorter one in the front. This is all one piece of fabric, just kind of accordion folded.

Then, I cut the material and took the long piece from the back of the folds and brought it to the front, so it was inside out. Sewed around the edge, leaving an opening to turn. Turned right way, ironed, top stitched.

Lastly, I sewed pockets to hold all the gear in my purse: phone, wallet, pens, card holder.

And that fabric? Ancient! But this was the mock up. Since it worked, I can pull out some decent stuff. Then again...who sees the inside of your purse and 90's fabric?