Saturday, October 20, 2007

And on a Serious Note...

There are certain things in life that make you wonder. Not just big questions like 'Why is there a light in the refridgerator and not in the freezer?' Rather, those events in life that make you question the quality of your relationships.

I think of my children. My little guys and who is important to them. Asking Henry, he replies with names of friends. (And mind you, I think one only made the list since she has a trampoline Henry is eyeing.) And God.

Owen, if he could reply, would probably say that anyone who reads Thomas the Tank to him and gives him brotchen are his faves.

Me, well, I've been thinking. You know, we've been so many places and met so many people. Those people will never be together again as they were. Work colleagues, friends from the UK who have scattered all over the globe. I hope I can teach my boys to appreciate the moment and the people in it. Those people that touch their lives for so many reasons....but most of all, because they care.