Saturday, February 27, 2010

Week 8

Baby gift 2. Another coworker had a baby at the beginning of January. I finally got my act together and finished up her baby gift. I was under a deadline, as this week was the first time I saw her since her maternity leave. Here is the final product. These canvases are about 5x7 and they spell her daughter's name. I don't like how the ribbon came out when they are flat; kind of arched. But, once they are hung (I figured on a peg or even a white, round drawer pull) they come to a point and look better. I printed a font that I liked, then transferred it onto the canvas (which was already primed). In acrylic paint, the background is pastel colors of the nursery, the letters brown and the stuff on the letters is in cream. I was pleased with how they eventually turned out.

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