Friday, February 12, 2010

Week 7

I am heading out to Berlin for a Girls Weekend, so thought I would add Week 7's project.

I am diligently working on a project for a teacher friend. She wanted seat back pockets. They are tricky to figure out. So, the next week will be spend perfecting them. (They may count for a few weeks. My brain is quivering with all the math I've been doing!)

Anyway, the fabulous Cristina told me about these little beauties that she is creating from her stash of yarn. They are so easy! I whipped a few up to give to H's teacher for Valentines Day. We had off today (yahoo!), and the kids don't head back until Wednesday because of a Teacher Workday. So she won't get them for a bit. I made them into pins and thought it would be sweet to pin them to a card with the saying, "Thank you for helping me blossom." The yarn that I used came from England. When I worked there, I set up a visiting artist that came and showed the students all about fiber art. She got the wool from a farmer in Scotland, I believe. Then she washed, carded, dyed it. All by hand. I find that amazing! She had extra that she passed along. The yarn is variegated and just beautiful to touch. The only down side is that Cristina came over today and saw the blossoms. (She was proud of her student, I hope!) She tried on the blue on and it is simply too heavy to wear. I think that I will have to take the pin back off and keep the flower for a bag or something else that I can actually sew it to. It just droops as a pin. But the pink ones are darling on! I just finished a greenish one too. They are quick, easy and fun. Though the weather is snowy, I may be coming back from my very long train ride with alot of flowers!

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