Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Week 17, 18, 19

So, here are a few of the projects that have gone out in the mail recently. (Mom...stop reading and looking now.) I know she won't. We are both terrible at keeping presents a secret. Here goes...

This pin was made with different scraps of fabric. I found the tutorial here. I love this woman and her blog! The colors she uses in her quilts and throughout her house. it! Back to the pin. I did another after this one in more pinks, but this one turned out far better. I think it was because of the ruffle technique.
This apron I have made many times. I made them for my friends for Christmas. This one is going to Mom. Super easy and I love mixing up the fabric patterns. Tutorial here.

Family Rules
When I taught in the UK, my partner in Art, had this awesome mantra that the kids said when entering the room. It is genius. I use it now. It seemed like we should have Family Rules. So, saw this idea and made one of our own. Doesn't have the ring like Clyde's Art Farm rules, but I do love it. Hangs in a prominent place in our house to refer to. I did not add one important rule ball playing in the house. Use your imagination. Yeah. And Mark was the ringleader!
Aaannnddd...this was made with Modge Podge. I bought some scrapbook paper that I liked, cut it to fit the printer, and printed the sayings on the paper. (I had to fiddle with the font size and type.) Then I cut the paper into strips, applied Modge Podge on a canvas (already with gesso), then put the strips down and another coat of Modge Podge. I think this could easily be done on a piece of plywood or board, too.

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Anonymous said...

Michelle, I love the all the projects, the apron is so stylish and I love the family rules sign, how did you do that?
Kris K