Thursday, June 17, 2010

Week 15

I am so behind! I have yet to add pictures of the knitting bag and swirl scarf. Here is the latest project. I wanted to make a wrap around skirt. Ideally, reversible. Since this was my first time at trying a skirt at all, reversible would have to wait.

I visited a friend down in Bavaria a couple of weekends ago. She has the fabulous fabric store near her house. Like in biking distance. Seriously, I would be broke if I lived anywhere near there. It isn't a Joann's but it is great! I got a few 'necessities', and this fabric. I bought the yellow bias tape there as well. This skirt started as just a 6 paneled skirt with the idea of it being a pull on using fold over elastic. I tried it on and 6 panels was just waaay to full for me. I thought about adding a zipper, but I was too fearful; I have never, ever sewn one. So, I took out a seam and make it into a wrap around. I think 1 more panel would have been better, as it would have given more coverage, but it's ok the way it is. I just added the grosgrain ribbon on each side with a belt loop in the back to prevent the ribbon from riding up, and a button hole in the band to slip it through.

Overall, I am pleased the way it turned out. For a first try, not too bad.

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