Tuesday, May 3, 2011

New Adventure

Disappointingly, our time in Europe is coming to an end. We were so sure we were going to head back to the States. Not so. I put my name in for a transfer just to see what would happen. I knew I would get a job, it was just a question of where. We wanted to stay in Europe. I knew I should just play the lottery; I'd have a better chance of winning big than getting our top choices. We wouldn't consider mainland Japan, Korea or any job that was teaching middle school or high school. (Too much time to devote after teaching littles for so long.) As it turns out, we were offered one of the last choices on our list, but one that we would consider. I thought to myself, if Mark gets a job...then we go. Two phone calls later on Mark's part, job offer. So, we are heading to.....

Okinawa, Japan

A small island south west of mainland Japan. Tropical year round. Beaches. Great place for families. Every one we have spoken with loved it, so we figured...why not have a go at it.

There are so many pluses. We get to go home every summer on someone elses dime. Boys are at a great age to see the sights before we hit middle and high school schedules. Love the idea of a small community. Great school. If we don't like it, we can always walk away after a year, but at least we said we tried it.

Fingers crossed. There are lots of hoops to jump through. Any snags, we always have the States. But for now, we are plugging ahead.

Konnichiwa Japan, Sayonara Deutschland!

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